Push/SMS notifications

reLock immediately sends you push notifications or text messages about any attempt of robbery. You are not limited by distance to your bike.



Voice alarm

The loud voice alarm system takes any thief by surprise and attracts people's attention to the attempted theft. You can choose your own voice alarm to give your bike personality.



Smart assistant

reLock can not just shout at thieves, but also can talk to you and turns on/off the protection automatically basing on proximity to bike’s owner. The last feature works via Bluetooth.



Database of the bikes

You can add your bike to the database. That ensures that police, bike shops, sellers and buyers have the information they need to help reunite you with your bike.




Free ID tags

You get free ID tag kit for your bike in the same package with reLock. The security sticker indicates, that the bike is registered in database and protected. Each kit contains 3 tamper-resistant, weatherproof and scannable tags.



Report to police

If possible, reLock immediately reports to the nearest police about the confirmed attempted theft. After the theft, status of your bike in the database is automatically changed to "stolen" and community members are informed.



System of rewards

We are going to encourage the efforts of the community members to find and return the stolen bikes. Also, people are able to assign a reward for return of their bikes.

We are developing now another awesome feature!


Photo-confirmation of attempted theft by using the reLock's built-in camera.


The new version of reLock will be using the built-in camera and LED lights for the photo-confirmation function. This will completely eliminate false alarm and implement a quality system of the report to police.